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The Mouth Body Connection

Our highly skilled biological dentists emphasize the importance of the cause-and-effect relationship between a patient’s oral health and their overall health. We treat the patient holistically while a traditional dentist treats the patient symptomatically.

BioDentist practitioners study the mouth in order to uncover the hidden areas of disease that could be the underlying reason why you are sick. In no way are we saying you are sick because of your teeth, but we are saying that if your mouth is not healthy, it can cause you harm and predispose you to a plethora of other diseases. Often, disease in one area will eventually show up as disease in another area of the body. And, dental diseases can be particularly toxic even to a person who considers himself healthy. And that is exactly why we put such a large emphasis on the thoroughness of our diagnosis and treatment, including our safety protocols. We call this “The BioDentist Way”.

At BioDentist, we evaluate patients by:

  • Searching for areas of potential infection: gums, teeth, connective tissue, and bone
  • Searching for areas of potential tissue differentiation, especially the tongue
  • Searching for areas of functional imbalances (wear, perforation, fracture, muscle spasm)
  • Searching for areas of structural failure (broken teeth, fillings, etc)
  • Testing for Electro-Galvanism, in which dissimilar metals in the mouth cause excessive and disruptive voltages, otherwise known as “the battery effect”
  • Who would have ever thought that your teeth could have such a huge impact on your health, and vice versa?

At BioDentist, we are creating a new paradigm in dentistry. We invite you to join us and learn just how important this is…… to your health.