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Mercury Amalgam Removal

If you have old, silver/mercury fillings in your mouth, be sure you have them removed safely by an experienced biological dentist.

BioDentist doctors follows a strict protocol in the removal of mercury (amalgam) filings. Dr. Augspurger is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine Toxicology, which has done extensive research on the dangerous effects of oral mercury and the safest methods for minimizing the mercury exposure to you the patient, himself, and staff.

The controversy of whether mercury in dentistry is safe has been around for many years. Dentists are trained in school that there is no toxicity associated with “silver”, or amalgam fillings. The traditional “silver” filling is made with more than 50% mercury, and should in fact be called a “mercury” filling. And while modern fillings are not made with mercury, old fillings made with mercury should be removed immediately.

Why Replace Mercury Fillings?
Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet, worse than both lead and arsenic. There is no safe level for mercury in the human body. It is harmful at all levels, even in small doses. For years we all believed that mercury in dental fillings is contained and is safe. Today, however, it has been conclusively shown that mercury gas leaks out of fillings, especially when eating or drinking anything hot or acidic. If you have mercury in your mouth, be sure you have it removed safely by an experienced biological dentist. At BioDentist, our safety protocols are among the highest in the profession.

The Removal Process
At BioDentist, your safety is our main concern. We use the following:

  • Negative Ion Generators to remove mercury gas “ionically”.
  • Intravenous Vitamin C and Glutathione
  • Rubber dams properly placed
  • High volume suction
  • Covering the eyes and skin

At BioDentist, we take great care in making sure the entire process from beginning to end is done safely, effectively, and comfortably.