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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We are dramatically different from traditional, insurance-driven dentistry. Traditional dentistry just fixes what’s broken without regard to what caused your dental issue in the first place. We are NOT your local dentist down the street. You have most likely experienced the typical disease-care model of “what can we do to you in as little time and for as much money as possible.” That’s unfortunate.

Our patients come from all over the United States and other countries to benefit from our unique approach to biological dentistry. We are a full-service destination holistic dental facility. Our patients choose us because our practice aligns with their personal health and lifestyle philosophy. For the same reason that you choose organic food, you should also choose a biological dentist. Many times patients ask us to undo what has been done by traditional, insurance-driven dentists and endodontists.

Our patients want to reclaim their health that has been compromised by toxic dentistry.

Patients frequently say that our process is so much easier, way less painful, and achieves a longer lasting final result. Most importantly, we emphasize your acid/alkaline balance and inflammation status because that determines how your mouth got into trouble in the first place and how well your mouth heals when it’s all done. We also place heavy emphasis on your tooth structure and shape. This allows us to achieve physical balance with how your teeth and your bite function together. You’ll love your beautiful teeth and smile.

This is where we get into the art of what we do. Just like an artist preparing to paint a masterpiece approaches each canvas with a new set of eyes, we take into account your unique situation as we approach your dental health. We at BioDentist bring together all of the sciences and latest technologies with an amazing facility and staff to create beautiful teeth in perfect balance and whole body health. This means you get the dental health you’ve always wanted and it lasts a long time.

Our fees are about the same as other dentists, but we deliver all of the other advantages of biological dentistry. You get more value for your dollar because at BioDentist, we take into account the impact of your dental health on your overall health. Some traditional dental practices see as many patients in a day as we see in a month. We are not a drill, fill, and bill dental mill, so please… don’t compare us to one. If we are more expensive, it’s because you are getting more. We offer truly unique services that traditional dentists are unaware of – and your insurance may not pay for – but our patients demand. If you choose to invest in yourself and see what sets us apart, you’ll find that our fees reflect the level of care and quality of service you are looking for.

Our fees are about the same as other dentists, but we deliver all of the other advantages of biological dentistry. You get more value for your If you feel our philosophy matches yours, let’s meet to discuss your dental health goals and get you on the road to better health.

Contact us now to get started or call 303-333-9000 to talk with our staff and schedule an appointment. It’s that easy!