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Dr. Lloyd Herman

Dr. Lloyd Herman

About Dr. Herman

Dr. Herman was raised in Montreal, Canada where he graduated from the McGill University Dentistry program in 1992. After completing his residency in 1993, Dr. Herman began practicing general dentistry in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he moonlighted as a ski bum. In 2001 an opportunity arose in Aspen through long time mentor Dr. Bill Comcourch and Dr. Herman jumped at the opportunity to take up private practice just below the base of the mountain.

After over two decades in private practice, Dr. Herman felt his perfectionist tendencies drawing him toward the specialty of Periodontics and in 2012 he began his Periodontal Masters’ program at the University of Colorado. The expanded depth of knowledge paired with a broad perspective on whole mouth terrain provides Dr. Herman with a deep understanding of patient outcomes built for long term results.

Dr. Herman is passionate about rebuilding form and function to recapture the natural look and functionality of the mouth. With his experience first as a general and cosmetic dentist and now as a periodontist his knowledge around optimal oral health is built from the bone up.
When Dr. Herman is not in the office you are likely to catch him skiing, hiking or tango dancing. He holds a holistic outlook on life and health that is equally tempered with science and proven outcomes. Community is a core value for Dr. Herman and he is excited to be a part of the Biodentist community and all that is happening here. When speaking about life Dr. Herman is known to say, “Our life is a gift and our health is vital.”