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Are you Experiencing Negative Health Effects from Metal Fillings and Root Canals?

Are you suffering from tooth pain, jaw pain, migraines, or teeth grinding?

Are you looking to rebuild a beautiful, authentic smile with more effective, healthier, long-term results than cosmetic dentistry?

Wherever you are on your journey to optimal oral health, we can help. We have been in business for 26 years.

Our treatments are backed by the latest science and supported by cutting technology, while our team is made up of the best and brightest in biological dentistry.

If you have toxic metal fillings, or dead/diseased tissues hidden under root canals or crowns, we have the safest, most effective procedures and technology for removal, so your body can heal.

If you are suffering from jaw pain, migraines, or teeth grinding, mouth guards and pain killers are not a long term solution. Our bioesthetics treatments will solve the problem at its source and give you longterm freedom from pain.

And if you’re ready to rebuild a beautiful, authentic smile without sacrificing your oral health, stay clear of cosmetic dentistry. We will get to the SOURCE of your bite problem and THEN address your teeth structure. This is will ensure proper alignment and function in addition to a beautiful, authentic smile.

Hi, I’m John Augspurger DDS.

I founded BioDentist 26 years ago and have assembled a team of the best and brightest in Biological Dentistry.

We are setting a new standard for oral health and beauty: one that recognizes the mouth as an integral part of the body, not as a separate entity.

***CONTACT US TODAY AT (303) 333-9000***

  • Ready to remove toxicity and disease from your mouth?

    Our protocols are the safest and most effective in the industry. If you have root canals, metal fillings, or any kind of pain, it’s time to find out why and reclaim your health.
  • Looking to rebuild a beautiful, authentic smile?

    We address the misalignment of your jaw structure before we address your teeth. This minimally invasive process leads to a beautiful, authentic smile that is longer lasting and more cost effective than cosmetic dentistry.


455 S. Hudson St. #200

Denver, CO 80246 // 303.333.9000

The state-of-the-art Human Universal Health Institute is located within Thrive Integrated Health, a holistically integrated medical and dental complex in Denver, Colorado, founded by Dr. John Augspurger in 2012.


In order to provide our premium, cutting edge treatments, we DO NOT accept dental insurance.

This decision has allowed us to separate from a broken system: a system that often creates the dental problems that we correct.

Want my advice? Drop your dental insurance today and invest in the long-term health of your mouth. Your whole body will thank you for it.

That being said, we CAN help you setup a personal loan through a service such as Lending Club. It is a fairly simple process and we will walk you through the steps.

***CONTACT US TODAY AT (303) 333-9000***