ioDentist provides world-class, holistic dental care using state of the art technology and cutting edge treatments. We have been in business for 20 years and have assembled a team of the best and brightest in Biological Dentistry. Our practices for removing toxicity and disease are the safest and most effective in the industry. Our minimally invasive BioEsthetics treatments are the best way to rejuvenate your beautiful smile without compromising the health of your teeth or jaw. The results are stunning and often cost less than cosmetic dentistry.

The BioDentist Way

We are creating a new paradigm in dentistry. The health of your whole mouth and body is our top priority. At BioDentist, we treat our patients holistically. We focus on the reasons why you have dental issues and customize your dental experience to address the root cause of those issues. Your body is innately designed to heal and we are here to help.

Invest in Your Health

At BioDentist, we offer truly unique services and integrated protocols not found in other holistic dental practices. We listen carefully to your needs and guide you to make wise decisions about your health. Your insurance may not pay for our services, but we offer creative financing options to help you make this life-long investment in your health.

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455 S. Hudson St. #200
Denver, CO 80246 // 303.333.9000
The state-of-the-art BioDentist Clinic is located within Thrive Integrated Health, a holistically integrated medical and dental complex in Denver, Colorado, founded by Dr. John Augspurger in 2012.

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